Hardware Upgrades to Speed Up Computer

Let’s see, the upgraded RAM is nice, but the upgraded SSD is also nice. Or do I just want to splurge on a new air conditioner? What the heck, I’ll just have a drink of water.

Today, we’ll address the age-old subject of whether or not I could upgrade only one component of my PC. What are my options, and how should I make my decision? What should be my next upgrade? First and first, we must recognize your specific requirements.

Assume you use more demanding software, such as photo and editing programs. Alternatively, you could be a gamer with a PC that lags more than it should. You should think about boosting your RAM.

To begin with, upgrading your RAM is one of the simplest and most accessible changes you can do. And it gets even better. It’s the most affordable it’s ever been. Even if you aren’t the most tech-savvy among us, this is usually the case. You will see immediate effects by upgrading to newer and better RAM. Just double-check your system parameters to make sure you aren’t already at the maximum RAM capacity!

Don’t you do it? Okay, I understand. If your PC is running at top speed, but you need to increase your storage capacity. Then upgrading your storage might be the best option for you. Expanding your storage capacity will generally result in speedier boot times. When utilizing programs that consume a lot of data, such as Photoshop or Final Cut, you’ll notice faster loading times and better responsiveness. The first thing to check is whether you’re using an old HDD.

Because if you are, you should think about upgrading to a solid-state drive (SSD).

Solid State Drives, or SSDs, provide significantly faster reaction times than traditional hard disk systems. It is, however, a little more expensive per GB. Fortunately, prices have dropped dramatically over the years, making an SSD upgrade more cheap than ever. My machine is already quite fast and has plenty of memory, yet my games are still extremely sluggish! If this describes you and you have the necessary funds, go ahead and do it. You might want to consider purchasing a new GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).

If your frame rate drops below 60 FPS in higher-tier games or editing applications, you might consider upgrading. Your computer’s integrated graphics processors might be sufficient. They let you to watch 4K video, work on Photoshop, and play a variety of games. A new GPU, on the other hand, is an investment you should make if you are serious about gaming or editing. But what if your computer already knows how to hum Hamilton and chew bubblegum? You merely want to change the look of it?


A new case could be the solution! There are numerous options to consider, including various sizes, designs, and numerous features to consider.

First and foremost, what size case do you require? Answer queries like “what quality of case can I afford?” from here. “Can you tell me what kind of aesthetics I’m looking for?”

Do you want to see the insides of your computer? Because we now have the ability to do so! We’ve got the tools! Adding RGB to your setup is another option for improving its appearance.

Do you want your computer to be sparkling and shiny in the future like a computer? What if your PC is lightning fast but also extremely hot? Let’s have a look at your CPU cooler and fans.

To begin with, fans are often easy to upgrade because they are meant to be modular. Adult-friendly LEGO! Is it better to have a smaller or larger fan? They’ll both get the job done.

A larger fan does not need to work as hard and is generally quieter. But whatever you get, be sure it fits in your vehicle.

And, if you’re into RGB, you’re probably familiar with the shiny, flashing, lovely stuff we discussed earlier. You can also get fans with them! Then it’s gleaming, flashy, windy, and lovely. Yeah! If you’re always overclocking your computer and have the most high-end of everything. But your computer still lags, therefore let’s look into getting you a liquid cooling system.

The benefit is that they dissipate heat quietly and effectively while still looking cool! They have the drawback of being more expensive and more difficult to install.

Furthermore, they exclusively cool specific parts of the computer. So you’ll need a fan to keep the rest of it cool. The last thing you should think about is updating your motherboard or processor. But be cautious!

Both of these are very difficult to tackle and can become rather costly, as you normally need to upgrade both at the same time and may require a BIOS update. We recommend that you try doubling your RAM or replacing your hard drive first to see if you can improve performance. That is all there is to it! As far as we can tell, those are the alternatives! We’d love to hear from you, so let us know in the comments below whether we were able to assist you in determining the best upgrade option for you!

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