How to Fix Sticking Laptop Keys

Hello there, today I’m going to show you how to deal with some sticky keyboard keys. Let’s assume you were performing and consuming in front of your laptop. When you got some smidgens or something sticky down inside. Now the keys are poking you and you don’t know what to do. Well, it’s not as horrible as you might imagine.

Now that I have this laptop, I’m going to do is take a look at the K key, which is kind of protruding. See if there’s any gooeyness there, or if I poured some soda into it. No, I’ll take a few deep breaths with the straw in my mouth and only direct the aura down between the keys.

You can now press this tube immediately underneath the key by tilting down. You don’t want to force it now; instead, slip it in just enough to allow for airflow. Then you’ll simply give it a little pop, but don’t overdo it. Then move to the opposite corner, set it back, and there you have it. You should simply smack it from various angles to see if you can loosen it up.



You’re likely to obtain whatever it is that’s clinging to the side of the road. You can use a Q-tip with a little bit of alcohol on it if there’s some soda or anything in there. You should never pour any kind of liquid, booze or otherwise, straight on the keyboard.

Can clean around the edges by pressing the key all the way down and cleaning around the edges. Lifting the key’s edge up and cleaning in there. On some keyboards, you can remove a key and subsequently replace it. That isn’t always the case with laptops.

A lot of laptop keyboards aren’t designed to be dismantled that way. And attempting to pull that key off could break it. If you can’t get it clean using compressed air or a Q-tip dipped in vodka. You’ll need to take it to a repair shop and have someone who knows how to disassemble these keyboards do it for you.